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What Is Spandex Fabric?

  What is spandex fabric? At present, fabrics are made of natural fibres and artificial fibres. For example, cotton is a natural fiber, with good ventilation and moisture absorption performance, but the elasticity is poor, easy to deform. Artificial fiber, as the name suggests, that is, according to the needs of a synthetic fiber, to solve the natural fiber part of the shortcomings. Spandex, which is an artificial chemical synthetic fiber of polyester fibers, because has a very good elasticity, also known as elastic fiber. In the garment fabric, it is generally mixed with different proportions of spandex to increase the elasticity and comfort of the role, widely used. How about, do you have a general understanding of spandex fabric?

  Good elasticity, not easy to aging and deformation is the two main characteristics of spandex fabric. Because of this, spandex fabrics are widely used in plastic underwear, tights, swimwear, sportswear and other processes. One of the Lycra is more familiar with the better cotton and spandex fabric representative.

  Next, the small part of the tape to understand the spandex fabric washing and maintenance aspects. Spandex fabric good elasticity, not easy to aging deformation, while more tolerant of sweat, seawater, but long time immersion (must not exceed 15min), high-temperature washing, bleach, etc. will still cause clothing fade, discoloration, etc., especially spandex and other fabrics, such as cotton spandex and other cleaning and maintenance process to pay particular attention.

  In the purchase of clothing should not only listen to the salesman story recommendation, a good look at its fabric description can help you better decision! Cotton spandex clothing Intimate wear comfortable flexible, represents a kind of leisure and optimistic lifestyle, let the fabric of spandex fabric on behalf of your expression is not the same as their own.