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What Is Oxford Fabric?

  What is Oxford Fabric?

  Oxford Fabric is a versatile, versatile new type of fabric, the main market currently has: the shell, full shells, nylon, such as a variety of cells.

  Oxford Fabric, also known as Oxford, originated in the United Kingdom, with the Oxford University named after the traditional combed cotton fabric, Oxford Fabric began in 1900 or so.

  The fine combed high yarn line is used as the double warp, and the coarse weft is interwoven with the weft weight. The color is soft, the cloth body is soft, the air permeability is good, wears comfortably, easy to wash the speed dry, many uses as the shirt, the sportswear and the pajamas and so on.

  Oxford Fabric products are more varieties, there are plain, bleaching, color by Bai, color warp, in the light color bar patterns, etc., but also useful polyester cotton yarn weaving.

  The related quality and performance of the fabric can be tested by the relevant testing equipment, such as tensile strength test of material tensile test machine, test strength of Peel Tester, test dyeing fastness of friction tester and thickness measurement.