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Viet Nam's Textile Industry To Get Rid Of Dependence On China

Due to more in the relationship tension, Viet Nam textile Association recently to wrote to way notification Association members manufacturers, requirements they provides 2013-2014 from China city procurement cotton, and fiber, and yarn, and cloth, and line, and cotton quality lining, and buttons, and zipper, textiles raw materials of data information, according to these data, established Viet Nam domestic raw materials supply of investment plans, as reduced from China city imports, and foreign looking for new of supply source. Of them, Thailand, and Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and other countries are Viet Nam textile Association ranks the best alternative in the Chinese market.

Currently Viet Nam more than more than 4,000 textile and garment enterprises, annual revenues of more than $ 20 billion, providing employment opportunities to more than 2.5 million people, Viet Nam GDP contribution rate of 10%. The globe and Times reporter who visited Viet Nam industrial development zone, the joint venture garment enterprises, some to the Japan brand UNIQLO do OEM, shirt exports to Eastern European countries.