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Textile Enterprises To Capture Global Opportunities

First half of this year, China's textile industry economy situation steadily getting better, this textile enterprise transformation and upgrading, textile product innovation strengthening are closely related. Recently, in 2014, China international textile and accessories (winter) Expo, from 30 countries and regions, more than 3,800 exhibitors bring new products for the industry brings the latest trends in the field of textile fabrics, but also for the development of textile enterprises to broaden the channels.

As China's middle and high income groups increased as well as their love of Western pop trends, innovative design features of facial accessories, denim fabrics of innovative technology is becoming increasingly popular.

Functional fabrics and products reflects trends in the textile industry, is more and more popular. In this year's autumn and winter accessories show, include thermal regulation, moisture draining function, durability, elasticity, windproof fabrics including features such as are present in the sight of all. "For the domestic consumer market, sportswear, women's and men's particularly strong demand for functional fabrics. Functional fabrics exhibition contains new features, especially the cleaning and security features, and is consistent with the consumer demand.