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Printed Fabric Technology

  Printed fabric technology

  Direct printing is one of the printing processes that is printed directly on white fabrics or on pre-dyed fabrics. The latter is called overprint. Printed fabric The color of the print pattern must be much deeper than the stained background. The general textile enterprises use the printing method is direct printing.

  If the fabric background is pure white or mostly white, and the print pattern from the back of the color is relatively shallow, then we can determine this is a direct printing fabric (Note: due to printing paste penetration is very strong, Printed fabric so the light fabric can not According to this method to judge).

  If the fabric background is the same as the depth of the front and back (due to the dyeing), and the print pattern is much deeper than the background, then this is the cover fabric.

  Discharge printing through two steps, the first step, the fabric dyed into monochrome, the second step, the pattern printed on the fabric.

  The printing paste in the second step contains a strong bleach that destroys the dyestuffs. Therefore, this method can be used to produce the blue and white dot pattern of the cloth, this process is called white. Printed fabric When the bleach is mixed with the dye that does not react with it in the same colorant (the reduced dye belongs to this type), color printing can be performed. Thus, when a suitable yellow dye (such as a reducing dye) is mixed with a color bleach, a yellow dot pattern can be printed on the blue fabric.

  Because the color of the printing is the first use of dyeing method of dyeing, if the same background is printed on the floor than the printing, the color of the background to be rich and much deeper. This is the main purpose of using discharge printing.

  Discharge printing fabrics can be printed by roller printing and screen printing, but can not be printed by thermal transfer printing. Because the cost of production of the printed fabric is high compared to direct printing, Printed fabric the required restorative agent must be carefully and accurately controlled. Use this way to print the fabric, the sales situation is better, the price higher grade. In some cases, the reducing agent used in this process can cause damage or damage to the fabric at the printing pattern.

  If the fabric is positive and negative color of the two sides of the same color (because it is dyed), and the pattern is white or the color is not the same color, you can confirm that the fabric is printed; carefully check the pattern of the opposite, Reveal the traces of the original background (the reason for this phenomenon is that the chemical that destroys the dye can not penetrate completely to the opposite side of the fabric).