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Oxford Fabric Good Water Resistance And Good Durability

Oxford Fabric is also called Oxford spinning, Oxford spinning refers to the material is not, but a fabric weaving process: the use of finer combed high yarn yarn for double, and thick weft with weft flat tissue intertwined. Soft color, soft cloth, breathable, comfortable, easy to wash quick-drying, mostly used for shirts, sportswear and pajamas and so on. Waterproof, good durability and other advantages, but also used to do luggage.

1. Okinawa cloth

Specifically for the production of various types of luggage. The fabric latitude and longitude are used polyester FDY150D / 36F. The fabric is applied in the water jet loom intertwined, the weft density is 360X210, the fabric is relaxed, the amount of alkali, dyeing, anti-static, coating and other treatment, with a light texture, soft, waterproof, good durability And other advantages.

2. Nylon Oxford cloth

The main production of flood control rain supplies. The fabric by the line with 200D nylon variable wire, weft with 160D nylon variable wire as raw material. Department of plain weave structure, the product made by water jet weaving. Gray cloth after dyeing and finishing, coating process, with a soft touch, drape strong, novel style, waterproof performance advantages, cloth with nylon silk gloss sensory effect. Because of its excellent quality, fresh colors, by the user favorite. Fabric to not fade, no deformation and other advantages based on the market.

3. Full play Oxford cloth

Mainly made luggage. The fabric weft yarn are made of polyester DTY300D wire, the choice of coarse point change through the hollow tissue loom woven on the woven. Fabric by the relaxation of scouring, scheduled type, alkali reduction, soft stereotypes, the fabric and then by the rubber polyester layer. Its fine texture, glossy soft, waterproof, and this product is made of luggage is the pursuit of fashionable trendy pet.

4. Tiga Oxford cloth

The main production of various bags. The fabric is made of polyester DTY400D silk wire, weft silk with polyester DTY wire 400D. Using Tege tissue texture, in the water (with faucet) loom on the intertwined. Fabric design novel, unique technology, positive checkered highlights, three-dimensional sense of strong, become the most prominent parts of the fabric, while still using the coating (PU) process, making it more waterproof, drape better, is the production of the Kind of fashion bags.

5. Weft Oxford cloth

The main production of various bags. The fabric is made of polyester FDY68D / 24F, weft with FDY150D / 36F as raw material, weaving process using weft to mention in the water jet weaving (with multi-armed faucet) intertwined. Cloth stripes clear, set modernity, artistic, drape in one. Gray cloth by dyeing, embossing or calendering, with a vertical and strong, good waterproof and so on.