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Oxford Fabric And Non-woven Fabric Which Is Good

  Oxford Fabric and Non-woven fabric which is good

  In the present market the variety of cloth is very rich and diverse, among the many types of fabrics, the two most popular types of cloth are the Oxford Fabric and Non-woven fabric, both of which have different quality and performance, so the advantages and uses of the cloth are not the same.

  But what kind of cloth is better for both the Oxford Fabric and the non-woven fabric? Now many users do not know how to distinguish, also do not know these two kinds of comparison, which is better? In the following small series will be a detailed introduction for users.

  1, Oxford Fabric and Non-woven fabric characteristics are different

  Oxford Fabric It is through the warp and weft weaving into a cloth, this cloth in weaving it, one of the warp and weft yarn is used in the cotton-polyester sand, the other is the use of pure cotton yarn, after careful processing woven from.

  Non-woven cloth, from its name above can be seen that this cloth is not made by weaving, but through a modern technology, that is, the textile staple fiber or filament, directional or random open, arranged, thus forming a fiber network structure, and then the use of modern mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods such as to carefully strengthen the fabric, resulting in the production of cloth.

  2. The advantages of Oxford Fabric and Non-woven fabric are different

  Oxford Fabric Cloth It has very good air permeability, and its color is very soft, the cloth itself is very soft, wearing a very comfortable.

  Non-woven fabric Its production process is very fast, and the process is short, the production of high output, low cost, a wide range of uses, in addition to the material source of this cloth is very much. But this kind of cloth is not suitable for making clothes.

  3. Oxford Fabric and Nonwoven use

  Oxford Fabric because of its very good characteristics, the cloth is soft and fit, so it is usually used to make clothes, such as shirts, sportswear and pajamas and so on.

  Non-woven fabric Its use is very extensive, it can be used in health care, used in the production of surgical clothing, disinfection masks, rags and sanitary napkins and beauty supplies, etc. can be used in the home decoration, the production of wall, sheets and so on, can be used in industry, used in the production of insulating materials, etc., used in industry, the production of insulation curtain.

  In fact, for Oxford Fabric and Non-woven cloth, these two kinds of cloth, to say which one is better, in fact, they are similar, because they use different, so they can not be compared. But, of course, it's much better to make clothes than Oxford. Most users now wear clothes that are used in Oxford Fabric.