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Oxford Fabric And Canvas Which Is Good?

  Oxford Fabric and canvas which is good?

  Whether we buy clothes or buy bags, shoes or some countertops, etc., we will see the production of a lot of fabric, which is more Oxford Fabric and canvas, which one of the two which is better? They have What is the difference? Today Xiaobian for you a brief introduction.

  What is Oxford Fabric and canvas?

  Oxford Fabric was first originated in France, Oxford Fabric is named from Oxford University, Oxford Fabric has a variety of functions, and is now widely used a new type of fabric, we see in the market are still flying Bombs, as well as nylon and tiger these varieties are Oxford Fabric.

  Oxford Fabric color appears to be relatively soft, and has a good permeability, if made into clothes wearing a comfortable, and clean up is also easier, but also easy to dry, so the shirt and sportswear and pajamas, etc. Such as the use of Oxford Fabric produced more, Oxford Fabric fancy products more, to meet the needs of various groups of people. Oxford Fabric for the production of luggage with the mention of Oxford Fabric, weft Oxford Fabric also sets of Oxford Fabric, nylon Oxford Fabric can be used to produce flood control rain supplies.

  Canvas is a relatively thick cotton fabric or linen fabric, canvas is named from the sail, canvas types are mainly rough canvas and fine canvas, rice is not because of a good waterproof performance, so in the There are some warehouses for motor transport, and tents are used to cover. Fine canvas can be used to make clothing can also make backpacks and handbags and so on.

  Through the introduction of Oxford Fabric and canvas we understand the two fabrics of their own characteristics and advantages, if that kind of fabric is good, Xiaobian feel according to each kind of fabric production products also specifically introduced. If you want to buy bags that choose Oxford Fabric will be better, if you want to buy better waterproof performance of the canvas will be better.

  Oxford Fabric is relatively soft, more comfortable, and most of the Oxford Fabric is the use of polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn intertwined, feel better, hygroscopicity is also better. Canvas fabric is relatively thick, and more closely, feels more hard, and more wearable.

  Two kinds of fabric if you want to buy some of the choice of Oxford Fabric, but if you want to buy the price is relatively cheap, then choose Oxford Fabric, because the relatively canvas is much higher than the Oxford Fabric. So if the Oxford Fabric and canvas which is better, it depends on the products we buy to decide, can not be general about which one is better.