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Knit Fabric Excellent Flexibility And Extensibility

Woven fabrics are knitted and woven, knitted fabrics are round or warp knitting machine like the weaving, knitted fabrics with soft texture, moisture permeability, excellent flexibility and extensibility and its productivity. Knitted apparel wearing comfortable, close and body, no sense of tightness, can fully reflect the body curve. Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful, has entered the multi-functional and high-end development stage, a variety of texture effects, different functions of the new knitted fabric developed to the knitwear to bring unprecedented sensory effects and visual effects. The following describes the characteristics and types of knitted fabrics.

Knitted fabric features:

Pure wool worsted fabrics are mostly thin texture, it smooth, clear lines. Glossy natural soft, there is light. Body stiff, soft and flexible feel rich. Clasped it loose, basically no wrinkles, even with a slight crease can also disappear in a very short time. Knitted fabric features are the following: pure wool woolen fabric: mostly thick texture, it is full, shiny soft and cast a glance light foot. It's noodles and suede. The weave pattern is clear and rich. Feel gentle, crisp and flexible.

Wool blended fabric 1, wool and polyester blended fabric sunshine on the surface of the flash point, the lack of pure wool fabric soft soft feeling. Wool polyester (polyester wool) fabric crisp but with a plate hard feeling, and with the increase in polyester content and significantly prominent. Elastic than pure wool fabric is better, but feel less than pure wool and wool blended fabric. Clenched it loose, almost no crease. 2, wool and viscose blended fabric shiny more bleak. Spinning class feel more weak, woolen class is loose. This kind of fabric elasticity and crisp feel less than pure wool and wool polyester, Mao Qing blended fabric. If the adhesive content is high, the fabric is easy to fold.

Artificial fiber wool-like fabric to viscose, artificial wool fiber as raw material wool-like fabric, shiny dim, feel weak, lack of crisp sense. Due to poor flexibility, prone to wrinkles, and easy to subside. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric after wetting is significantly lower than that in the dry state, which is an effective method for the identification of viscose fabrics. In addition, this kind of wool-like fabric soaked after hardening thickening. With the progress of science and technology, wool-like products in the color, feel, durability has also made great progress, high-tech textile products continue to introduce new, we will decorate the world more colorful. Pure fiber-like wool fabric is generally made of synthetic fiber, with man-made fiber or silk wire for the auxiliary line, and some with innovative synthetic fiber (special silk) as the main ingredients, such as Cai Li Si, Loren, Wulong Si, Fat thin silk, etc., with the appropriate fabric, can be woven with different thickness of wool-like fabric. This kind of fabric, the cloth has two kinds of bamboo slab, natural style. Natural style with natural fibers. After scientific and rational dyeing and finishing, the cloth bright color, good gloss, crisp, flexible. Suitable for mass consumption.

Types of knitted fabrics:

1, acetate fiber (Acetel) knitted fabric acetate fiber has the same unique properties of silk, fiber luster and bright colors, drape and feel good. With its production of knitted fabrics feel smooth, comfortable to wear, moisture permeability, light texture, moisture regain low, not easy to play the ball, anti-static. The use of acetate fiber woven knitting georgette, corn and other fabrics, get the consumer's preference.

2, Modal (Modal) fiber knitted fabric Modrel (Modal) fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber, which sets the comfort of cotton, viscose drape, polyester strength, silk feel in one, and Has been washed after several times, still keep its soft and bright color. Knitting process is still the fiber and knitting itself soft fluffy, high elastic comfort and other characteristics of the combination, so that the superior performance of the two complement each other. In the knitting circular weft machine (large round machine), the use of Mo Dai Er and spandex naked silk woven single, double knit fabric, soft and smooth, flexible, drape floating, shiny bright, breathable and breathable, and has a silky feel , With the kind of fabric design fashion clothing, to maximize the embodiment of the human body curve, sculpture of female carcass sexy and charm, is avant-garde fashion favored high-grade knitted apparel.

3, strong twist combed yarn knitted fabric strong twist combed yarn made of cool linen knitted fabric not only has a sense of hemp yarn, and cool and good moisture absorption, especially silk twist, is an ideal high-grade knitted fabrics, In addition to the excellent performance of silk, the fabric feel more full, and more stiff with the body, good dimensional stability, with good resistance to crepe, is a high-grade Zhiye Zhuang, casual wear ideal fabric.

4, Coolmax fiber knitted fabric with four grooves of the Coolmax fiber, the body can produce sweat when the sweat quickly discharged to the clothing surface evaporation, keep the skin fresh, so that the activities feel more comfortable. It has a good moisture conductivity, and cotton fiber woven knitted fabric has a good moisture effect, widely used to sew T-shirts, sportswear and so on.

5, renewable green fiber Lyocel knitted fabric renewable green fiber Lyocell, tencel and spandex naked silk woven knitting flat knit fabric (jersey), rib, double rib (cotton) and its changes in the organization of the fabric, soft texture, Smooth, flexible, product style elegant, with the appearance of silk, drape, breathability and washing stability is good, are designed fashion tight fashion, casual wear, sportswear ideal high-grade fabric.

6, flash knitted fabric with a flash effect, has been the love of clothing designers. In the knitting circular weft machine (large circular machine), the use of gold and silver raw materials and other textile raw materials intertwined in the fabric surface has a strong reflective light effect or the use of gold-plated method, in the knitted fabric on a variety of patterns flash Effect, and the fabric of the formation of the opposite, soft and comfortable, is a good knitted fabric. With this knitted fabric design of tight-fitting women's fashion and evening dress, through the flash fabric dazzling, romantic style, showing the knitted fabric glamorous, luxurious and beautiful charm, all-round performance knitted dress style, for product development Broad prospects.