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Cotton Weaving Industry

A week since the textile industry led by banks cut interest rates, the stock market back to life, such as good, confidence gradually gathered outside before and after processing industry, generally appear busy, active status, especially after dyeing and printing industry and the premises of Terminal garment processing industry is too late to do common. Week but the market is still processing agents direct marketing, integrated businesses squeezed, reactions are still cool smooth, most are still cautious, big single no more. Small markets a week spot demand extensive, small list of repeat orders continued, most products marketable in a row. Market a week mainly because of the small and medium business, busy status, running the whole moderate, rising modestly, and off-site fire conditions are still lags.

Continuous filament cloth

China textile city, filament marketing general market area is large and continuous growth overall sales compared with a week earlier.

This a week, general market long silk cloth marketing mild partial warm, a week main is part winter thick type fabric speed up action, spring fabric power increased, domestic demand clothing factory needs new now rally, especially the size clothing factory party on spring tomato grams fashion leisure cloth, and imitation linen and the simulation silk cloth new began appeared of returned single needs, became promoted this week market long silk cloth growth of main. A week long silk cloth while the overall growth, but rose for the fifth week.